save the planet, tie your tubes

prius family

Being green is all the rage and the London Times has come up with a new solution: have fewer children. According to a recent article, if a family has two children instead of three that family reduces their annual carbon dioxide output by the equivalent of 620 return flights between New York and London. 620 flights–that’s nothing to laugh at (unlike dead baby jokes. You should definitely laugh at those). The Times argues that “having large families should be frowned upon as an environmental misdemeanour in the same way as frequent long-haul flights [or] driving a 4×4 car.” Looks like the Chinese were right, you guys.

Takebacktheisland whole heartedly concurs and we’d like to take this argument a little further. We want to nominate all the Park Slope co-op shoping moms as the next enviromental criminals. So, the next time Al Gore looks to point the finger at someone, let’s not blame the SUVs but instead the moms and their brood inside them. A piece of advice for you Manhattan mommies: instead of cramming your four brats into a Prius, tie your tubes and get a Vespa.


4 responses to “save the planet, tie your tubes

  1. Since you know people will have as many kids as they want maybe it would be better if all of you at TBTI could just kill yourselves and then there will be a whole lot less hot air and C02. Then the rest of us could breath easier.

  2. This whole anti-kids thing is just plain UN-AMERICAN.

  3. Can we readers safely assume that both of the site’s authors have undergone permanent/surgical sterilization?

  4. wtf? UN-AMERICAN??
    i don’t even know how else to respond to that. oh yeah, except to laugh….hahahha.

    love your blog, by the way. and the comments are almost funnier than the blog…do people not get sarcasm and hyperbole?? i love it.

    {not planning on having kids either…for largely the reason above. poor planet earth. oh, yeah, and i don’t like kids and would be a horrible mother… besides, who wants kids when you can adopt a dog and ACTUALLY make the world a better place??} =)

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